2016 Nights

Since I started interning in banquets at the same hotel I work in, about three months ago, my free time disappeared because the energy of celebration is addictively contagious and I can’t keep away from it.

But a Saturday night from the first weeks of December my pixellated friend convince me to accompany her to hear live rock music in a bar and I had a good feeling about that evening in which I end up flirting with a gorgeous bearded stranger with whom I had more fun than the whole year and that says a lot of my 2016 but mainly about my choices.

2017 begins with a depressive mood but manageable anxiety, my psychiatrist and I decided on staying off medication and I’m still seeing my psychologist once a week trying to figure out, among everything, my future because I applied for jobs in social media and banquets all over Mexico during one of my crisis, and I’m seriously considering moving out and buying a bicycle.

But my purpose for this year is recreating the spontaneity of that night every day, alone and with my precious friends.


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