A lot of parents will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.
— Banksy

Under the category “letters never sent” once again you are the recipient. I didn’t think I’d enjoy sitting in an office all day but finally resolved the mystery of why you couldn’t get away from your job when you had one, shark.

We both have the tendency of consuming everything we enjoy till it destroys us, like exemplary addicts, conniving to our will and some days it feels like I’m following your mistakes as a twisted way of understanding and healing.

That Banksy quote comes to my mind every time I feel anxious about my future because I grew up yielding to your wishes and following your dreams while I repeatedly heard you dismissing mine and even if I’m happy with my studies, my art, current job, the internship I started two months ago, the forgotten dream of traveling and volunteering, the doubt you seed in me still haunts me.


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