I was (working) on my day off and when I got home my mom wasn’t there, she was on her way to visit one of her sister’s sons she raised and loves as her own.

Fortunately she was able to arrive to the hospital in time to feel his 40-year-old heart stop beating as she hugged him at 00:00 on december 1st, her birthday, because sometimes reality beats fiction.

She attended the next day to the same funeral home in which we’ve waked all our family in Michoacan, we have a lot of memories there, I still remember the collective laugh about the bird that popped over my grandfather’s urn while we were leaving that place because he was asshole to his family, like my father was to ours and I am to mine and sometimes fear my funeral will be like his and not like Julio’s whose heart filled that place with more people it can fit…


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