As Shakespeare said, the world is a stage and we act our part when people are watching but backstage a different story is told when we dare to be free ourselves.

Growing up following my nomadic parents, I never got to experience love but it confused me why everyone paranoidly searched and also frantically ran away from it and when I finally fell in love I did exactly that, I scape because the love I knew from my overprotecting parents felt like a cage and their supposedly loving relationship terrified me.

Depression had me numb most of the time but every time it diluted and felt that uncontrollable desire, I wanted to experience it, not repress it.

Lust allow me to express through my body, break free from my paradigms to create a life of my own. Talking to 99% (un)sure I was saying some people should learn to say yes, and he thought they should learn the opposite and both generalizations are true but depend on where are we, on stage, we are trapped in our characters trying to be the audience’s favorite.

Off, we are free.


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