When you care too much for many people that pull to different directions, you end up breaking and to glue myself together I let those relationships go.

I didn’t had to end them, but I lost interest in people who don’t care about me, who aren’t as honest as I am with them because I’m tired of feeling betrayed, abandoned, and angry at people who I trusted.

An adequate description of how I feel is emotionally bruised, but the changes I made are healing me quickly. I stopped pursuing what I wasn’t going to get and started an internship in banquets, maintained the healthy friendships and only follow people who inspire me. I feel better each day, maybe because now I have time to do what makes me feel happy and I even got time to sleep early.

I’m 99% sure the fear of more than liking you paralyzed me because I don’t know if I could’ve handled been hurt (by you) again and I deeply doubt that you care. 

I do wish we at least met before we had to say goodbye. 

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