An odyssey 

Tinder matched. I almost cancel our date that depressed Monday morning in which I also got my period and learned how to use tampons from a stranger in bathroom.

Walked to the Expiatory and got 20 min late, he was annoyed and I was amused because I didn’t remember the last time someone openly complained about my unpunctuality. We talked all the way to that Italian coffee shop near the town’s square, he smoothly kissed me in front of the lions fountain and shortly after, now beside his bed, I was breath taken by his tattoos before he took everything else away.

I laughed at the idea of seeing him everyday when he propose but agreed without anticipating I would become addicted to his taste, to his touch, to those green eyes piercing deep through me and dying over and over again in his arms.

The craving of him made me often forget that he needed to eat and sleep because I barely did but during that time we collected confessions in his platted sheets and a lot of firsts during magical clandestine sleep overs, including our San Miguel escapade before I disappeared two weeks in Bahías.

I returned before I planned to meet him knowing that morning would be his last gift to me because after we talk about Her and the one who is 99% sure coming back to my life he got too busy with his daughter and dating someone else monogamously as he was comfortable with to answer my texts, then he return to Vallarta.

I don’t regret that whatever I had with Odysseus ended nor falling in love with him and allowing myself to feel because him leaving was another lesson I needed to learn.

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