About People I’ve Met On Dating Apps

Inspired in “A Haiku For Every Girl I’ve Ever Slept With” by Benedict Smith, in chronological order, words about people I’ve met on dating apps.

Oct 26 2014: The rain didn’t stop us a year later.

Aug 10th 2015: I flirted with you teaching a friend how to use Okcupid, you were my only sweet distraction for a while until my sadness couldn’t handle yours, I’m sorry.

Sep 26th 2015: I still owe you that comic about fishes pretending to be pretty humans on Okcupid and having deeply confessional conversations. I love finding young wise beings like you, hope you find yourself too.

Dec 20th, 2015: You’re so vain you probably don’t notice it’s a turn off. The psychiatric you recommended it’s great and I do feel better, thanks.

Jan 24th: I never had an actual date before I met M. It was surprising to find someone who cares about strangers and inspires them, I sent my first short story to a contest a few months ago and I can’t wait to see you again in August.

Feb 28th: H is madly truly deeply in love with N, their love really is like a pop song separated not for an ocean but tax reforms and I’m the intermission with whom he skypes about world history, dutch and kink culture.

May 23rd: An app matched a reencounter in which we swam away from everything, including us.

June 6th: His name predicts our denouement, a succubus can make odysseys epic but a hero always returns home to monoloves and daughters. Keep loving me by trying to break free from the canon, my psychologist it’s amused.

June 21st: G won second place messaging after ≈ six months playing Casper. After untangling ourselves from our situations in seconds and falling into old habits I know nothing but do enjoy 99% of him.

June 23rd: While I was on a date with an Instagram crush she came back from the ashes and won the most unexpected text of the year, I wasn’t having an attack, my heart was just starting to beat normally.

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