May 11th was my first anniversary with the beautiful hotel I work in, it’s been quite a year.

I was first hired as a telephonist, a job I thought easy but couldn’t be more wrong, I had to learn not only about the complex operation of a five star four diamond hotel, but administration, accounting, law, invoicing, confusing taxes, reservations and the list goes on. Now it seems logic that the person who answers the phone has to know almost everything to be able to help the guests and clients in every way possible 24/7.

After two months I was promoted to receptionist and that’s where the real fun began. I study communications and one of the joys from working in a business hotel with people from all over the world living in it is to hear them speak spanish, to answer their grammatical questions and watch them excited about it or melancholic remembering they learned it in an exchange student trip with incredible adventures from their youth I sometimes get to hear.

For someone who enjoys telling stories it’s a delight to listen guests tell them with such unexpected openness, it’s always easier to pour to strangers and be unaware of them in a homely place. To recognize the same struggles in the people you meet and understand them results in an extremely humanizing experience.

Everyone’s in their own hell and as I mentioned in Ashes, but I got a lot of aid from my work friends that still are the only people I know in this city and kind of adopt them due to spending all holidays, birthdays, weddings, wild parties and a large percent of my awake time with them, mostly working.

Thank you to you, the guest that drew me a map to Italian paradise, the one who gave me a tip, all that bought me a room upgrades or shared a piece of their life to me, the housekeeper H that also struggles with her mental health but patiently teached me how to make a bed and my genius boss for all the inspiration.


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